Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes


Hull Culture and Leisure operate eight fitness suites across our sites with fully equipped gyms containing free and assisted weights and cardiovascular machines.

Our fitness suite instructors are all highly qualified, with extra knowledge within the team of GP referral, physio referral, back specialist care and cardiac rehabilitation.

Any new member to our fitness suites gets an induction and can also ask for a personalised fitness programme with one of our fitness instructors so that you can get the workout that is right for you.

We also operate junior gym sessions for children at Albert Avenue Pools, Costello Stadium, Ennerdale Leisure Centre and Woodford Leisure Centre. Please contact the leisure sites for more information on age requirements.

As well as having a variety of fitness suites, we also run fitness classes across our sites.

If you sign up to our Live It Adult fitness membership, you get unlimited use of our fitness suites and unlimited access to our fitness classes across all of our sites.

Whether you are after a workout in the pool with an Aqua class or a more relaxed holistic class like yoga or pilates, or something intense with our cardio/core classes like Cardio Cycling or Club Fit - we have a class just for you.

Aqua Classes

  • Aqua Light – very low level aerobics in the pool with easy movements to lower impact on the joints and bones. Ideal for people referred in for fitness
  • Aqua Fitness – aerobics in the pool to shape and tone, lower impact without pressure on the joints or bones
  • Aqua Burn – be prepared to work in this class. More intense class boosting your metabolism with a combination of cardio and resistance training in the pool

Holistic Classes

  • Yoga – great for relieving stress. Using slow movements and stretching to improve and increase your flexibility and balance in a relaxed environment
  • Pilates – designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. Ideal activity for those wanting to complement their Cardio/Core sessions

Cardio and Core Classes

  • Wake Up, Shake Up – Guaranteed to get your day off to a great start! This session uses a mixture of fitness equipment including weights and indoor cycles in timed sets to get your heart pumping and your muscles working
  • Club Fit – Fantastic workout with a great vibe! Dim the lights, move to the beat, burn calories and improve your CV fitness in our fun workout!
  • Cardio Light – perfect for the more mature, people new or returning to exercise and those with injuries or limitations. This is our all-round shape up class with easy choreography moves and fun music to work out to. This class combines a range of aerobic and tone exercises with low impact moves and light resistance weights
  • Cardio Tone – This total body conditioning session uses dumbells, body bars and loads of reps to develop tone and definition and get the heart pumping. Great for everyone to join in with
  • Cardio Cycling – join in with one of our most popular sessions and jump on the indoor cycles and get a high intensity workout to music with one of our instructors
  • Abs Sculpt – Focus on your abs in this express session. This session is guaranteed to tone, strengthen and shape your core and give your abs amazing definition
  • Circuit Fitness – Challenge yourself to see how much you can do with our intense circuit class. Push yourself each week to go further, harder, faster on the timed stations and give yourself that high intensity workout to boost your fitness and increase your muscle definition
  • Fit Steps – Our dance based fitness class is designed to improve your fitness as we up the tempo!
  • Zumba – the legendary dance based workout is a great way to keep in shape and burn off the calories
  • Fit Mix – something for everyone with this class! The class rotates round a mixture of toning, combat, interval training, aerobics and much more each week
  • Step into Combat – combines medium intensity step followed by boxing moves and intensive abs workout
  • Step & Sculpt – increase your muscle definition with this class combining step movements and exercises to tone the whole body
  • Get Ripped – This is our High Intensity Interval Training session. Train hard, burn the calories easy with this 30 minute workout
  • Boot Camp – this is our boot camp circuit session. Done both indoors and outdoors, it utilises your body weight so no equipment required