Print, photocopy, Scan or Fax

All of our libraries have printing, photocopying and scanning facilities for you to use.

Access a list of your local libraries

For charges please access the table below -


Black and white 

Coin operated machines self  service, per page A4 10p
Coin operated machines self service, per page A3 20p
Copying by Library staff, per page, A4 30p
Copying by Library staff, per page, A3 40p


Coin operated machines self service, per page A4 50p
Copying by Library staff, per page A4 £2

Printouts (per page regardless of amount of text or size of image)

Articles from full text CD-ROMs, £1
Print out (black and white), per page, A4
(includes per sheet from library on-line catalogue)
Print out (black and white), per page, A3 20p
Print out (colour), per A4 page 50p
Print out (colour), per A3 page 75p

If customers bring in their own paper these charges still apply.

Children and young people attending Homework Clubs or doing homework in the library will be able to have limited free printouts or photocopies (black and white copies only) at the librarians discretion, if this is written work to be handed in to school or if the information is not available in any other format.