Libraries FAQs During Public Closures

Frequently Asked Questions During Coronavirus (Covid 19) Public Closures.

What do I do if I have return items to return?

Don’t worry about it. While we are closed just keep the items until things get back to normal. If you are concerned then you can renew items online through our website: 

Will I have to pay fines?

No, we’re not charging fines on any items that will be overdue as a result of the current situation with Covid-19 so don’t worry about it. You can renew items online through our website if you are concerned about this.

If I want to borrow items what do I do?

While the libraries are closed don’t forget that we have a host of online resources that you can use to borrow items electronically.

You can access e-books, e-audio and e-magazines at home, these can be found online here: 

In addition to e-books and e-magazines, we also have access to a range of other resources that you can access with your library card. These can be found on our website here:

I have a reservation to collect – how do I do this?

At present all our libraries are closed so you won’t be able to collect any items you’ve reserved, but we’ll be hanging onto them for you until things get back to normal.

My bus pass has expired / is about to expire, can I get it renewed?

Stagecoach and East Yorkshire Buses have agreed to honour any bus pass which has passed its expiry date.  An expired bus pass can still be used to obtain free transport as long as the driver can see that the individual wishing to use it matches the photograph of the pass holder.

Concessionary bus pass holders should renew their bus passes when the libraries re-open.  However, until then discretion is being applied enabling older and disabled people to continue to travel free of charge.

Blue Badges

Expired/expiring Blue Badges have been extended to the 30th September 2020 and can still be used up to that date. If you are able to access the online application form please do so, even if you cannot send the supporting proofs at this stage -​​​​​​​

I need to access a computer or the internet, can I still get on a computer?

Public computer access will not be available as all libraries are currently closed. We’ll share more information on when they’ll be available again as soon as we are able.

Something we’ve not thought of?

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