We are looking to develop collaborative partnerships with local businesses. Helping to maintain the makerspace for new generations of the city and encouraging learning and development in non-traditional formats.

You can help by providing:

  • financial sponsorship of equipment in return for logo displayed in the makerspace
  • in kind support to supply consumables or training sessions for members.

Our packages:

  Apprentice Journeyman Master Philanthropist Sponsor an Apprentice
Your support goes towards

A4 sized plaque/poster - “This machine is sponsored by…”

Including Logo
4 x makerspace memberships for disadvantaged people. Room sponsorship – Your branding by the door and referred to as ‘The [Your name here] room’ in publicity material. Opportunity to support individual events / day activities or school events.

Providing skills and employment opportunity.

Apprentice to wear branded T shirt showing who sponsor is complete with logo.

1xA4 £250

*1xA2 £800 as sole sponsor
£1000 £3000 £Various

Level 2, £8,000

Level 3, £15,000
Time period 3 months Annual Annual Various

Level 2, 12 months 

Level 3, 18 months 
Presence on website Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Presence on social media Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number available

4 sponsors per premium machine

*Unless sole sponsor
N/A 3 N/A N/A

We are open to discussion regarding current and future opportunities.

For more information contact us by email - makerspace@hcandl.co.uk