What is a makerspace?

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What is a makerspace?

Makerspaces are collaborative work spaces for learning, exploring, making and sharing. They use high tech to very low tech tools and equipment, often also referred to as 'hackspaces' or 'fab labs'. Our makerspace has a variety of equipment from 3D printers and a laser cutter to sewing machines and t-shirt printing. For us the space is about building a community, promoting the maker mind set and exploring your own interests while encouraging entrepreneurship within the city. While MakerspaceHull aims to teach practical STEAM skills, we are also aiming to help develop other skills that cross all disciplines.

Wait, did you say hackspace? Are you encouraging hacking? Isn't that illegal?

This is a different type of hacking to what you may have seen in the movies or read about in the news. There are different types of hacking, the bad - breaking into systems, stealing data or doing stuff you shouldn't do, and the good - exploring how things work and making new stuff. We'll only be doing the good hacking here, making new things, learning how things work, inventing etc...

So how does it work?

For MakerspaceHull, we use a gym style membership system with inductions for new members to ensure everyone knows how the machinery and equipment works and a monthly fee to be a member.

Membership? Is it going to cost me money?

In short, yes. It will cost money. Membership fees will allow access to the space and some of the tools and equipment. There will also be an additional fee to use some of the premium equipment, this is because those machines are extremely expensive to run and will require regular maintenance. Remember that for your membership, you don't only gain access to the space, but also to the staff team whose knowledge and experience is included in your membership fee.

How do I know if it's for me?

Not sure the space is for you? Then you can come along to one of our open evenings and chat to the people using the space already. We have a regular series of taster workshops that are available to book onto or you could just pop in when we are open and have a chat with a member of the team. 

Book your place via our Eventbrite page.

Can I run my business from the makerspace?

As a member, you can use our equipment to create items and products, prototype new ideas and innovate. However, if you are doing work that is stopping other people from using our equipment, then we will ask that you contact our Business and Intellectual Property team, who might be able to help you access small business loans, to find shared office space or signpost you to those more able to help.