Renewing items

Items borrowed from the library can be renewed up to 10 times, as long as no one else has reserved them. You can do this -

  • online through the library catalogue
  • over the telephone
  • by asking in your local library

If you renew an item and there is a cost to borrow it, the cost will be added to your ticket to pay when you bring the item back.

  1. log in with your library card number (the long number under the barcode) and pin
  2. go to 'My Ticket'
  3. select 'Renew Materials'
  4. choose to renew individual items or renew all with the tick boxes
  5. then 'Renew Selected Items'

The system will give you a new date for the items.

How to renew over the telephone or in person at the library

Ring or visit your local library and ask to renew your items. We'll need to know your library card number (the long number under the barcode). If you don't have it to hand we might ask for your -

  • name
  • date of birth
  • postcode

We'll check on the system and give you a new date to bring them back.