2021 Open Exhibition Selectors


Colin Gray, Artist/Photographer, and Film Maker

A photograph of artist Colin Gray
Hull born Colin Gray is now based in Glasgow. His work has been exhibited worldwide, and he is best known for using his parents as the subject matter in his work. The Ferens Art Gallery has three photographs by Colin Gray in the permanent collection: Heaven and Hull, 1990, Hull Under Water, 1991 and The Lottery, 1995. They are from The Parent series, humorous staged photographs depicting Colin’s parents, produced 1980-1995. He has had two major shows at the Ferens Art Gallery: The Parents in 1996, and In Sickness and in Health in 2011 which documented his parents’ health decline from 2000 until his mother’s death.

Colin’s work has featured in many publications including The Photograph as Contemporary Art and Family Photography Now. His most recent work, Caught Between, is a series of self-portraits that engage with the concept of becoming trapped between the worlds of life and death.







Natalie Rudd, Senior Curator, Arts Council Collection

A photograph of Natalie Rudd
Natalie Rudd is a curator and writer. As Senior Curator of the Arts Council Collection, Natalie has curated many exhibitions using collections of modern and contemporary sculpture as her starting point. Her curated projects include the forthcoming Arts Council Collection Touring Exhibition, Breaking the Mould: Sculpture by Women since 1945. Natalie has written widely on modern and contemporary art including monographic texts on a range of artists including Peter Blake, Paul de Monchaux and Veronica Ryan. Her forthcoming book, The Self-Portrait, will be published by Thames & Hudson in March 2021 as part of the Art Essentials series.








Kofi Smiles, Breakfast Presenter, BBC Radio Humberside

A photograph of Kofi Smiles
Kofi Smiles is an award winning journalist, broadcaster and friendly neighbourhood smile maker. He was born in Beverley and is of Ghanaian heritage. Currently he’s the breakfast presenter at BBC Radio Humberside, has a love for anime (hand-drawn and computer animation in Japan), comics, music and storytelling. He believes these are the four ingredients you need to lead a happy life: tell stories, share music, make food and love compassion. Kofi was the BBC Face of Hull for 2017 when the city was UK City of Culture.