Swimming Safety

Hull Culture and Leisure Ltd is the largest operator of swimming facilities in Hull. Our four swimming sites offer a combination of traditional pools to keep active and enjoy time in the water and leisure fun pools for the family.

Swimming is a skill which can be learned at any time in your life and is important to be confident with not only in pools but also outdoors with the rise in popularity of open water swimming as well as just going for a paddle in the sea when you're at the coast. Learning to swim keeps you healthy and active, but also safe.

Our swimming sites run courses and lessons which are available to help you learn to swim or gain more confidence, and also for those who wish to gain a lifeguard qualification or undertake health and safety training.

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Pool Safety Rules

Our Pools Safety Rules can be either seen below or downloaded as a PDF document using the links at the side of the page.

Hull Culture & Leisure Pool Safety Rules

Pool Behaviour Rules

We have pool sessions to suit everyone and as such we want all of our customers to enjoy their time in the pool. We do ask people to be mindful of others when in and around the pool and ask that customers follow the rules below:

  • During adult-only swimming sessions, please refrain from any play or inflatable/float games in the pool. These sessions are for swimmers who use the pool for exercise and fitness.
  • During lane swimming sessions, please be mindful of other swimmers of different speeds.
  • Please ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing when swimming.
  • Neck float rings and mermaid leggings are not to be worn.
  • Snorkel or masks are not permitted - please use goggles only.
  • Please refrain from running on pool side.
  • Diving is only allowed in the deep end. Please ensure you check on poolside to see if that pool permits diving.
  • Cannonballs and somersaults into the pools are not allowed.
  • Please refrain from swearing in or around the pools.
  • Rubber rings are only permitted when used with armbands. Rubber rings on their own are not allowed.
  • Photography is not allowed on poolside.

These rules are in place to keep both you and other pool users safe. Our lifeguards enforce these rules and failure to adhere to these rules may result in you being asked to leave the pool and our facility.