Petition scheme

A petition is a formal written request, signed by at least 50 local people, sent to the company requesting action to be taken about an issue.

The petition scheme document tells you what you need to include, the qualifying criteria and circumstances surrounding exclusion.

To be eligible to submit a petition you need to live, work or study within the City of Hull or East Riding of Yorkshire boundaries.

We do not accept petitions that -

  • relate to a decision about a planning or licensing application
  • refers to a decision for which there is an existing right of appeal, for example the courts, a tribunal or a minister of Government, industrial dispute
  • refers to a dispute or matter where there is a clear, established and more suitable alternative process for determination of the issue which the petition scheme cannot duplicate or replace
  • are considered to be vexatious, abusive or an abuse of process or otherwise inappropriate including petition that contains language that is offensive, intemperate or provocative or contains potentially libellous, false or defamatory statements
  • appears to be a commercial endorsement or promotion of a product, service or publication
  • contains material which is potentially confidential or reveals the identity of someone who may be protected by an injunction or court order
  • relates to a tender process undertaken or being undertaken by the company
  • relate to concerns has been the subject of a matter raised by a similar petition received or submitted within the last 6 months

How to submit a petition

Petitions may be submitted to the company in one of the following ways -

By post to the Service Support Team at the following address

Hull Culture and Leisure Limited 
Pacific Exchange
40 High Street

Email -

In the case of electronic submission each sheet of signatures must include names and addresses in full and should be scanned and attached to an email.

When you submit your petition you must fill in a Petition Background Information Pro-forma. We have also created a petition template pro-forma to help make sure you include all the relevant information.

When we receive your petition you are sent an acknowledgement within 10 working days telling you what we plan to do with the petition and when you can expect to hear from us again.

Valid signatures

For your petition signatures to be valid you must make sure the person who has signed your petition has provided an address within the City of Hull or East Riding of Yorkshire boundaries where they live, work or study.

You need a minimum of 50 valid signatures for a petition to be accepted into our scheme for consideration.

Alternatives to the petitions scheme

If a petition has less than the minimum required 50 valid signatures the company will help you consider the alternative of the petition subject being dealt with under the company’s customer feedback scheme.

Further information on our Petition Scheme or Petition template proforma can be accessed here.

You can also access our Petition background information proforma here.