Customer feedback guidance

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We aim to provide good quality services and your feedback is very important in shaping those services to meet your needs. We are pleased to get your views and we aim to use what you tell us to make improvements.

To help us do this we have a customer feedback scheme so that you can compliment us, make comments about what we do or raise concerns. Whether we are good, bad or indifferent we want you to tell us where we are going wrong as well as when we are doing a good job.

We may publish your feedback in some of our publicity but we will not publish your details if you ask us not to.


When we get a compliment we will tell the people you are pleased with.  We will tell you when we do this and show others what you think we do well.


If you make a comment about why we do things or not what we do, we will treat it as a comment not as a concern. We welcome your suggestions as to how we can improve the services we deliver to you.


You may wish to tell us to look at something to help avoid a problem happening.

When we receive a concern we will -

  • make sure it reaches the right people to look at it
  • tell you when it was sent to them
  • tell you, where possible, what action may be taken as a result once we know what that action is

To log your feedback email or complete our Customer feedback form.  You can also view our Customer feedback privacy notice.

What happens to my concern

Stage 1

We will let you know we have your concern within 3 working days and aim to send a full response within 10 working days.

If we need more time we will write to you saying when we expect we can answer in full.

When you have our full answer, if you are happy your concern is resolved or if we do not hear from you within 28 days, we will close the case.

Stage 2

If you are not happy, tell us why.

The company will then make arrangements for your case to be looked at again using your additional information to help us make a decision. We aim to send a full response within 20 working days.

When you have our full answer if you are happy your concern is resolved or if we do not hear from you within 28 days, we will close your case.

If you ask us for a next stage review after your concern was closed (outside the 28 day timescale), tell us your reasons for the delay.

This ends the company’s customer feedback process.

If you are still unhappy after the company’s customer feedback process has finished

For most concerns you can contact -

The Local Government Ombudsman
PO Box 4771

Telephone - 0300 061 0614
Text ‘callback’ on - 0762 480 3014
Textphone via the Text Relay service (formerly Typetalk)

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman services will not normally consider a concern which has not completed the company’s customer feedback process.