Subject access requests

You can make a Subject Access Request in relation to the data we hold relating to you.

In making a Subject Access Request you are asking Hull Culture and Leisure Ltd to confirm to you -

  • That it processes your personal data
  • To obtain access to that data

We will process your request in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

You can also view the Hull Culture and Leisure Privacy Statement for any additional queries.

You may use this form to make your request although you can make your request in any format you choose. You should attempt to provide us with all of the information indicated to enable us to process your request efficiently.

If you making a Subject Access Request on behalf of another individual you must have evidence that you have authority to do so, for example written authority or power of attorney and complete declaration B below. In such cases we may send the information to the individual the data refers to as well, or instead of, the person making the request.

Email this form to -

or send it to -

Hull Culture and Leisure Ltd
Pacific Exchange
40 High Street

In certain circumstances we may make a charge to provide this data, if this is the case we will contact you with details and the reason why a charge is to be applied.

We will respond to you request within one calendar month of the date it was received starting from the next calendar day.

Complete this form if you would like to make a Subject Access Request.